SITEC Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference 2016 – SEAEC

SEA E-Commerce Conference 2016: Unleashing the Power of Cross-Border Trade


SITEC Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference brings leaders in e-commerce together to address SEA’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, on top of being a platform for learning and networking with over 500 representatives of business, multimedia and digital sectors. As part of the annual 3-day Selangor International Expo, the conference takes place on the last day.

Organised by the Selangor Information Technology & E-Commerce Council, the Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference 2016 aims to promote, discuss and address the merits and challenges of cross-border e-trading on a global scale.

Each panel session throughout the day deals with the various issues that stakeholders and players deal with in the cross-border trade supply chain. Pertinent issues such as online payment systems, lack of trust in online purchases and assorted logistical challenges will be explored.

Invited experienced local and/or regional companies that have a strong track record in cross-border trading will also be sharing their successes and setbacks.

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The Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference 2016 is Malaysia’s premier event for the local and regional e-Commerce fraternity. In its second year running, SITEC tackles hot topics within the regional e-Commerce industry and calls on regional players to contribute, learn and exchange for the betterment of SMEs and businesses in the region.

With a line up of leading CXOs of established regional and local brands within the e-Commerce ecosystem, The Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference is the definitive business conference for e-Commerce stakeholders, players and the global-thinking e-entrepreneur!


Selangor International EXPO 2016
Malaysia’s Global Trading Hub


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